Best Roti Maker for Your Kitchen ( REVIEW )

  • on March 7, 2021


Healthy food is the key to good health. When we take a nutritious diet, it protects us from many diseases. Healthy food provides us much more benefits like people take healthy food to maintain their balance, sleep well, boost their mood, and have more energy to work. The human body needs food for growth, keeping warm, and getting fuel to do work hard. Food gives us nutrients. Carbohydrates, fats, and protein are the three main nutritional components of food. Roti is one of the most likely food that everyone almost adds to their daily diet. The nutritional value of roti is very high because chapati is enriched with nutrients, i.e., fats, protein, and vitamins. In easy words, roti is a flatbread made with wholemeal wheat flour. It is also known as “ atta. “Chapatti made with 2 ingredients the first one is wheat ( atta ), and the other one is water. Some people like to add salt and oil in the process of making roti. Chapatti/roti/ phulka are the same things. It is just the language difference. It is made of different types; most people like to make it with hands, and some use a rolling board or rolling pin. Traditionally,  Most people cook the roti on Tawa or in a pan, but electronic roti makers are increasing quickly in this modern era. Roti maker machine is a handy device and great bliss for hostel living students and those living abroad without families. In a short time, we can make a bunch of tasty roti in an electric roti maker. For making the best roti, a roti maker is our first requirement. Nowadays, different roti makers machine available in the market, some of them written below.

  1. Prestige roti maker:

Q: What is PRM in Roti maker?

A: PRM represents for prestige roti maker.

A prestige roti maker is a good option for making fluffy and round-shaped roti. The prestige roti maker had a nonstick base 10-20 inches wide, where we can easily make small, medium, and even bigger size chapattis. Following are some of the reasons you must buy this chapatti maker:

  1. Nonstick coating.
  2. Adjustable temperature knob.
  3. Green & Red power indicator.
  4. Shockproof base.
  5. 900 watts power
  6. Compactly designed.
  7. Stainless steel body.
  8. User friendly.
  9. 1-year warranty.
  10. Demo CD.
  • Westpoint Roti maker:

Making roti is significant stress for homemakers.  The Westpoint roti maker is the perfect solution to anxiety that makes perfect rotis in less time. It is a handy product for those who live abroad and don,t know how to make roti. Never think of the following issues if you have this roti maker in your home. Here are the main features of this roti maker machine:

  1. 12″ nonstick coating plates
  2. Power and ready light indicator
  3. Easy cleaning
  4. Thermostatically controlled
  5. 1600 watts
  6. Available in grey and black color
  7. 2 years warranty
  8. Compact size easy to store
  • Naaptol Roti Maker:

Modern life is too busy, especially for those who live alone abroad and work in an office and they didn’t take their proper diet due to a shortage of time. With advanced technology, cooking has become very easy and time-saving.  In past days, women make chapattis with their hands, but now many electronic roti makers have entered the market. Naaptol roti maker is also a useful kitchen appliance. Now You can easily make perfect round-shaped, soft roti,  and parathas with Naaptol roti maker machine’s help. Check the benefits this roti maker brings to your home kitchen.

  1. Nonstick cooking plates
  2. Wipe easily with a cloth
  3. Easy to use
  4. Heat up quickly
  5. Time and energy saving
  6. Release roti easily
  7. Compact size
  8. Thermostatically controlled
  9. Cool-touch handle
  10. 8 inches wide

How to use a roti maker?

Most people face too many problems in making roti on electronic roti makers. It is different from making roti in roti maker instead of Tawa. First of all, we make a dough that is entirely different from the dough we use on Tawa. We will use wheat (atta) and water and knead them very well for making the dough.  For the electric roti maker machine, we use a soft dough than usual. We should always use fresh dough and keep it on rest for 40  to 60 minutes because if we use dough or atta directly, chapattis will start breaking. Before turning on the roti maker, we should set it in a dry place. When it begins to the heating lights, turn on. We should wait till the heating lights go off, so it means the roti maker is ready. After that, we will take a small ball of dough or atta and cover it in dry atta, then put it on the roti maker, close the lid, and press it steadfastly in not more than 1 – 2 seconds. When we open the lid we will find the perfect round shape roti. Now we have to cook the Chapatti correctly. We will see bubbles forming on the roti. We will change the roti’s side and then cook the roti for 15 -20 seconds. After this, when we see bubbles appearing on the roti, and both sides are getting brown, we will close the top lid, and roti will come out. When all the chapattis are ready, we have to cover them in foil paper immediately. Making roti in an electronic roti maker is very easy, and its cleaning also not difficult. We can easily clean the roti maker and metal plates of the roti maker machine with a dry and clean towel or cloth.

Roti maker price:

The price of a roti maker is not too much costly. It depends on the brand name, but in Pakistan, we can purchase a roti maker under 2000 – 5000 easily. So if we want to save our precious time in the kitchen and want to make more chaptties in less time, we should use a roti maker or ( roti bnany wali machine).

How many rotis (chapattis) can be in 1 kg atta (dough)?

This question is most commonly asked, but it depends on the size of Chapatti we are making. Most people like to eat thicker roti, and others’ preference is thinner size. So it depends on the size. Usually, we can produce 30 to 40 medium-size chapattis in 1 kg atta.

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