The Best Desi Restaurants In Lahore

We all love desi food. While there’s an overwhelming number of restaurants in Lahore and all of them have their own speciality but there are some places that serve absolutely delightful food. We all know how an evening gets a whole lot more memorable if the food is good so we have some of the best Desi Food spots in Lahore.


Andaaz Restaurant

Located in the Walled City with a breathtaking view of Badshahi Mosque and The Lahore Fort, Andaaz Restaurant makes dining experience the best for Desi Food. It is a two in one experience for food and heritage lovers. Apart from many places located in this part of Lahore, Andaaz serves in a clean and hospitable environment. My experience will definitely take me back there again and again because the food in my opinion was one of a kind.


BBQ Tonight

Next in the list is everyones favourite Bar.B.Q Tonight. The menu is one with a variety of dishes covering the regional cuisine. The sitting environment is normally pleasant and the thing I like about BBQ Tonight is that they don’t take very long to serve. Although Desi Food takes longer to be prepared as compared to fast food and apart from that, BBQ Tonight serves in a reasonable amount of time.


Ziafat Restaurant

Though the restaurant serves Chinese cuisine as well, the Desi food is the real deal. The kebabs taste great and for those who have larger appetites find it the perfect place because of the buffet system. So here’s a place that serves food covering the qualitative and quantitative concerns of food lovers and what’s even better is the location. Located at MM Alam Road, the shopping hub makes it a spot for more and more people looking for good desi food.


The Lahore Social

The place is a bit over-priced so The Lahore Social doesn’t end up being the dinner spot for many people but for those who really love having good food in a great environment, this is the place. The food tastes amazing and the vintage theme adds to the ambiance of the restaurant. It does take long to serve, longer than many other places but it still is a very strong competitor. Located in Gulberg, the Lahore Social is easy to get to and if you’re really up for a pleasant evening at a fancy restaurant then this is where you should head to.


Spice Bazaar

The BBQ platter of the Spice Bazaar wins hearts of many people including me and for someone who like value for money, this restaurant makes a perfect dinner place for great food and fast service. Located at MM Alam Road, the Spice Bazaar offers a courtyard where it makes a perfect meal when the whether is good. The huge variety in the menu makes it hard to choose and the prices are also pretty reasonable.





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