“Hajveri sajji”

So basically this Is a street food kind of place no proper restaurant or cafe it’s a Open style street food point for sajji lovers.

The best thing about this sajji is They don’t serve rice with this.Isn’t it unique?

Yes indeed they serve a very unique style smoked sajji with NAN.

It’s an Authentic Balochi sajji. What makes this sajji even more delicious is their Special spices which they use in The making of this Sajji.

This Balochi Sajji is Juicy,soft And so heavenly delicious if you are sajji lover then this is your place to go Do visit with your friends even with family too it’s a small setup but if you feel easy in eating opnly then This is going to be your favorite place for sure.


Mohani road, near unique bakers,Lahore,Pakistan

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