Street Food in Quetta

Jan Broast & Biryani

Jan Hotel Quetta is famous for it’s verity of breakfast like,

Halwa Puri,Lahori style Nan chany,Nihari,Paye inshort Their you can enjoy Every type of lahori Nashta

Their halwa puri is absolutly love,their Nihari is deliciuios in taste its meet is tender ,soft,juicy you will definatily enjoy this breakfast.

if we talk about the taste its just amazing if you are a traveler and you came from lahore then you must visit this place in Quetta Balochistan for amazing breakfast deal.


Their is a place named QANDARI BAZAR in Quetta Balochistan where you find the mouth watering Tawa Kaleji, They made this lamb Kaleji in a big tawa which includes so much rich flavour,

This Tawa Kaleji will be your next favourit spot in Quetta

It has all the flavours in it its a proper dish they present this Tawa kaleji With their Famous Qandhari Nan

you can enjoy this with your friends and family too they have seating area as well so don’t miss the chance if you’re near to that place do visit this place.


Kabul Jan resturant is Famous in Quetta Balochistan For it’s Huge verity of Menu they have.

They have Mutton tikka,lamb tikka,Achari mutton tikka,Chicken tikka,Beef tikka in Menu. The best thing about their tikka’s they have pure lamb fat with every tikka which taste so good and give a perfect shine to the food.

they have verity of broast,Rosh,Mutton Rosh,Dumba Rosh & traditional food like Chicken Karahi,mutton karahi,Beef karahi,Kabuli pulao.

They serve the special kabuli platter for 4 people in which they have kabuli beef,mutton pulao,chicken tikka,mutton,lamb and serve with love.

they are the first one who serve kabuli pulao with mutton and beef together.

the taste of the food is heavenly amzaing food lovers its your go to place Kabul jan have so much for you to eat and enjoy every bit of it

its the right time to give your taste buds a awsome treat with the visit of Kabul Jan.

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