Best Bakeries In Lahore

A cake happens to be the thing most affiliated with celebration and a bad cake can turn any celebration into an awkward gathering. Therefore we decided to make your quest for a better cake a whole lot easier. Here are some of the best bakeries in Lahore.

Kitchen Cuisine


Prices: Rs. 3000 onwards

Whether you’re looking for chocolate cakes or cheesecakes, Kitchen Cuisine has a huge variety and that’s not it, I often associate Kitchen Cuisine with a lot of convenience because of the numerous stores in Lahore and the fact that they take orders for special events and never let you down. Though I have had a few cakes from Kitchen Cuisine that I would personally characterise as “very” sugary, not everyone likes deserts that sweet so you might want to make sure before making a purchase.


Hot Fusion

Prices: 2000 onwards

When it comes to deserts for occasions where you’re looking for chocolate cakes then Hot Fusion makes it big time because their chocolate cakes are lit. Located in Y-Block, it is easy to get to and if you live somewhere around it and never got to try it then here’s your green signal. I simply love the cakes from Hot Fusion. The competitive prices totally make it worth trying.



Prices: Rs. 2000 onwards

A home based bakery that makes customized cakes into a perfect delicacy. It normally requires you to pick the cake from Model Town but the decorated cakes are super eye catchy. If you have a few hours in your celebration then Mancholeez has to be your choice because you won’t regret this. The cakes are prepared in a few hours so you don’t need a lot of pre-planning. They also have this amazing customer care that I find very rare in many bakeries in Lahore. The customised cakes are definitely worth a shot.



Sweet Affairs

Prices: Rs. 400 onwards single slice

Located in Phase 5, Sweet Affairs becomes the desert destination for many people. Not just a cake shop but mostly regarded as a cafe which serves excellent ice cream and even pizza too! But for cakes it makes a great place because of the huge variety and their absolute expertise in custom made cakes. Not exactly low priced but as we know, services costs and theirs is one of a kind.



The Pancake Lounge

Prices: Rs. 350 onwards single slice


Masoom’s is not only known for cakes and bakery products but their coffee and pancakes are equally delicious. Masoom’s is an all in one place for buying bakery products and sweets that include cookies and muffins etc at strongly competitive prices. It’s a great place to sit and celebrate as well!


Bread & Beyond

Prices: 2 Lbs for Rs. 600

For anyone out there looking for low end (but very good) cakes then Bread & Beyond is where you should head to. The last minute preparations for birthdays are made super easy by Bread & Beyond serving quality cakes for less. There’s a huge variety to choose from and they are always fresh, you don’t find anything stale on the shelves.


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