The Best Breakfast Spots In Lahore

Breakfast, being the first and most important meal of the day is what everyone looks up to. For those of us who truly want to enjoy their morning meal may as well go to a place that strikes the chords of their taste buds to the perfect notes. We have a list of the most tremendous breakfast spots of lahore!


Bundu Khan Liberty Branch

Time: 6am to 1am

For an absolutely delightful desi nashta, Bundu khan is where you head to. The breakfast comprises of everything the comes into your mind when thinking about traditional breakfast including the all time favourite halwa poori, channay, paye, kulcha and a glass of lassi to die for. Not exactly cheap but the taste and experience is worth it. Also, if you’re planning to go on a Sunday morning be sure to make it there early because finding a parking spot and then finding a table can be preceded by a long waiting line.


McDonald’s Breakfast

Time: Morning till 10:30am

Our all time favourite, McDonald’s, turns no stones unturned towards making all our meals a delight. For a delicious western breakfast, McDonalds wins the game with a variety of breakfast deals that include coffee, tea, hash browns, pancakes and much more. For most people like me who have huge appetites then McDonalds may not get to our expectations but as far as the taste and menu is concerned, it is definitely worth a try. The thing about McDonalds is that it is quite affordable so I wouldn’t miss a chance to have a breakfast there.


Dunkin Donut’s Breakfast

Time: All Day Breakfast Menu

Dunkin Donuts is the on-the-go breakfast spot for many where you choose your donuts and get your coffee brewed just in time to get to where you’re going. It serves fast, the donuts are delicious and the best part is that it is inexpensive. Though the donuts are sometimes not as fresh as one could want, the icing also comes off when eating so it becomes a nuisance but Dunkin Donuts still has to be the best place for a breakfast with donuts. The huge benefit you get by going to Dunkin Donuts is the 10 min in-and-out experience.



Time: 4am to 12am

Capri, being just opposite to Bundu Khan also happens to be a strong competitor of it. When it comes to the taste and dining experience of a traditional breakfast, Capri does it well side by side with Bundu Khan. The size proportions are also almost similar and enough for a perfect filling effect. For two good breakfast spots located very close to each other, one gets the shoulder of trying either one where there is no or little waiting time.


Butt Sweets Lakshmi Chowk

Time: Normally Starts Serving Very Early

Located on McLeod Road, Butt Sweets serves the perfect sunday morning breakfast with a mouth watering halwa poori menu. The halwa comes without artificial colouring and with the combination of freshly fried poori, it makes a breakfast “properly Lahori”.





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