Where To Buy The Best Burgers In Lahore

There’s a huge crowd out there looking for a fine place to enjoy a good burger and with the highly saturated fast food market, finding the best place can a bit of a hassle. While most fast food places are somewhat expensive, trying out all of them in order to find the perfect one goes pretty hard on our financial resources. Considering everyones concerns, we have separated some of the best places along with their quantity, prices and siting environments. So here goes the list:




Prices: Starting From Rs. 525

With numerous branches scattered everywhere in Lahore you wont have to particularly worry about finding one, as for the burgers they have two things which make them so great. The first being their size (for those who go for quantity) and the second being the fact that their burgers are super juicy so if you want to have an incredibly tasty meal, Hardess is where you should head to. The seating environment is very much like any other fast restaurant in Lahore.



Fat Burger

Prices: Starting From Rs. 380

Though Fat Burger may not be as awesome as it was back in the days when it was newly established in Lahore on MM Alam road, but it still ranks among the top fast food restaurants for getting burgers. Their burgers are huge and their menu variety is wide. The seating environment is better than most places in Lahore and their staff is probably the best. Their drinks (on which you get free refills) are one thing that don’t taste too good so if you have something against weird tasting drinks then you want to consider it before going there.




Prices: Starting From Rs. 505

The thing about McDonald’s is that their burgers taste absolutely wonderful, truly irresistible and they also have highly competitive prices but the only thing that falls back is their size proportion because for someone like me, the meal isn’t enough for a proper filling effect. It works best as an on-the-go meal because many people with large appetites can’t rely on it for a full time meal.




Prices: Starting From Rs. 440

Located on Mm Alam, it makes a great pace for a quality meal in the middle of a shopping hub. The prices are pretty reasonable and the burger sizes are also quite sufficient. The thing about Howdy is that along with reasonably good seating environment, the seating is comfortable too so you don’t get the urge shift positions and make yourself comfortable while eating. Their fries are also one of kind and literally taste perfect.



Cosa Nostra

Prices: Starting From Rs. 505

If you’re out there looking for a fancy place to have burgers at reasonable prices then Cosa Nostra makes a great option. The seating environment and relatively unique menu makes Cosa Nostra a strong competitor. As for tastes, they’re pretty incredible and the nice ambiance makes it a combo. For a nice hot fast food meal, you know where to go.

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