Orient Microwave Oven Detailed REVIEW

  • on March 27, 2021



Microwave oven is such an appliance of the kitchen offers to its customers a whole range of uses. We can use it to reheat and cook food. It maintains the nutrients of the food and heats it well. Microwave very effectively heats the slowly cooked food items. By using electromagnetic radiation in a rapid time, it heats and cooks also. There are several usages of microwave oven due to which its utility and demand are increasing day by day.

Here are some of the uses of the microwave oven:


The best quality and feature of a microwave oven is to heat the food. When one puts a dish full of food to heat it, then the microwave oven heats it so well that the food remains its original look. Without disturbing the food’s shape, look, and nutrients, the microwave oven heat it very well.

While on the stove, it sticks to the pan, and the look of the food doesn’t remain any more original. We can heat bakery items and homemade food in a microwave oven, and it heats within few seconds. So it’s a quick and easy way as it consumes time.


A microwave oven is also used for baking different products as bakery items. By using a microwave oven, one can bake bread, cake, and other bakery items. Cakes made in a microwave oven are good and relatively easy to eat. These baking items are equally liked by young and old. Pastries, cakes, pancakes, pizza, and many other food items are baked by the microwave oven. These are prepared in a microwave oven for a minimal period.


As the previous method of deforesting was time taking and complex but by using a microwave oven, this process becomes easy. We can easily deforest vegetables and meat without extra washing, draining excess water, and wasting water.


A microwave oven is very quickly used for roasting garlic, bread, and other items as roasting was a famous food in India, which is also very eagerly used in our country. Popcorns are also favorite food in our country, easily made by microwave.


The process of blanching food and vegetables in a microwave oven is also a straightforward and time-conserving method as the traditional method takes time and smashes the original shape of food. But in the microwave oven, the authentic look remains the same.

Boiling and steaming:

Boiling is also an essential and valuable technique, and microwave boils vegetables very smoothly within few minutes, and the nutrients remain the same. While cooking on the stove disturbs the original shape and nutrients in it.

Retain nutrients:

Healthy food contains nutrients, so to retain nutrients and the vitamin, minerals in it microwave oven are used. Food that is cooked on the stove lost its nutrients and the vitamins included in it. So the food has no nutrients of no use. That’s why a microwave oven is a reliable appliance to cook food. So for working-class families whose lives are fast and filled with multiple tasks, the microwave oven is a pivotal part of their lives.

Buying the best microwave:

To buy a microwave is a hard nut to crack as many brands make sky-high claims about their products. So there is a microwave oven, and these are according to a person’s pocket. But the ORIENT microwave oven gives you the best and variety of functions. Orient microwave ovens are series of elegance. Orient has a variety of microwave ovens ranging from grill-based to significant purpose-built. To create something delicious, one needs to get the best tools, and these are available only in Orient microwave ovens.

Hassle-Free Cleaning:

Cleaning of microwave oven is now no more troublesome as Orient microwave ovens are so easily washed and cleaned. Its tray is detachable, so makes cleaning of the microwave oven effortless.

Chef in the Kitchen:

Whatever one wants to eat or cook, its features are pretty endless and unique either one wants to grill fish or bake pastries or cook food, the options are endless. So child lock, weight deforests, and combo functions have been introduced in this brand. The best thing about the Orient microwave oven is that it draws less energy than the conventional stove. Hence Orient is proved as one of the most energy-efficient appliance ones can ever imagine.


In Pakistan, microwave ovens may vary from 6000 rupees to about 16,000 rupees depending on size, function, and features. But to check whether the customer’s price for the hardware component is valuable or not, we may look into more parts of the orient microwave oven. As one has the right to know, the home appliance you are putting your trust in adds value to your purchase. So here are some more features of the Orient microwave oven.


Depends on the quantity of food you used, determine the size of the microwave oven you want to go with. Many sizes are available in microwave oven sizes. But the place where to place the appliance is also kept in mind before purchasing the device. Orient offers a wide of microwave oven sizes ranging from 17 liters up to 38 liters to meet customers’ heating and cooking needs.


Higher the wattage faster the cooking time, and these both are directly proportional to each other. Usually, at least at 700 watts, it cooks food well. As the wattage is faster, you expect to cook the contents and nutrients of food inside even more evenly. It is highly recommended that to buy a microwave oven from a Highly Reputable Brand such as Orient to make sure that customer is getting the best appliance that’s out there on the market.


It’s no doubt a reality that most of the microwave ovens sold aren’t as durable as they should be. They have a life of somewhere 1-2 years or so on. If one wants to get an appliance with durability, make sure to search at Orient.com.pk. By discussing all the features and specifications of a microwave oven, it is sure to find such a device that meets customer’s kitchen needs. To make the best purchase decision, visit online microwave shopping and get the discount price as well.

Happy shopping with Orient!        

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