The house of Arabic Mandi


Yum to launched in 2018 In Islamabad ,Their are 5 more branches in Islamabad and now They Are in Lahore.

They have everything in their menu all the traditional,continental,Turkish and Mandi’s.

Their Specialty is their Famous Mutton Mandi and Mix platter in which they have BBQ pieces,kebabs and Rice.

This restaurant is basically themed on Arabic tradition not only themed but their food is also has a Arabic flavours in it.

If you are a Arabic food lover then this is your go to place their Falafel Shawarma is so on point the crisp to the filling Everything is just so good in taste.

Here is A look what they have in their Menu:

• Hummus

Baba ganoush

• falafel

• kunafa

• Basbusa

Turkish kabab

• um e Ali

• Mandi rice

• chicken tikka boti

And many Other things they have in their Menu.

If you talk about the ambiance when you will enter at the restaurant you’ll feel like you are somewhere in Arabic Restaurant they have floor seating arrangements as well so “Yumto” Is your go to place with your friends and family go and enjoy your saudi meal at “Yumto


  1. Yumto Plaza # 2 Javed Iqbal Rd, Block T Gulberg 2
  2. Province of Punjab, Lahore, Johar Town, Block G, 4B
  3. phone number: +92 3091 19 86 86

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