10 Best Hi Tea Places in Lahore

  • on March 14, 2021

10 Best places for Hi-Tea in Lahore Lahore is rich in beauty, unique places, mesmerizing architecture, and historical places. The list of amazing things in Lahore never ends, but there is one thing that outclasses everything. Yes, you are guessing it right, ‘Food’. Lahore is full of places that serve excellent foods; there is no wrong to say that food and foodies are a must to Lahore culture. When you grow up in Lahori culture and always enjoy scrumptious foods, you may never know how lucky you are.

You will realize it only when you visit some distant place, and everything feels like something is missing. Likewise, as we all know, Lahore is a place for many giant food chains, and it is hard for everyone to find a place that serves you best food – mainly, hi-tea. High tea is a menu full of lots of items, and only if one is not up to the mark, the whole impression of food goes in vain. If you are new to Lahore or living in the city but can’t decide which one is the best place of high-tea in Lahore. Worry not; here is the list of few prestigious high tea restaurants in Lahore that will help you choose the best for your taste buds:
1. Gai’a’s Japanese Fusion: Gai’a is the place for those who are always carving for something international and tasty. They have authentic Japanese cuisine blended with the flavors and twisted tastes. Gai’a believes in pleasing its guests with a pleasant and memorable hi-tea and dining experience. An experience that is full of fun, vibrant, and sophisticated environments. Japanese Hi-tea platter is made in collaboration with Pink Pistachio.
You can order two types of hi-tea platter among them; one is premium, and one is the standard hi-tea platter. ● Price: Standard platter for 2: 1800+ taxes & ●
Premium Platter for 2: 2,400+ taxes ●
Area: DHA Phase 5, Lahore
● Contact #: 0300 0453737
● website: http://www.gaia.com.pk/

2. CTC – Johar Town: Are you looking for some good food in Johar town? Yes, then why not visit CTC today. CTC foods are serving the foodies of Lahore since 2003, and there are several branches all over Lahore. CTC is proudly serving scrumptious hi-tea in Johar town. They are new love for all those looking for memorable hi-tea in Lahore. CTC is serving for many years, and that’s why you will always find their menu with reasonable prices and good quality food. The menu contains 45+ items, and if you are looking for something ‘Desi’ with a sprinkle of continental, this place can be your must-go place. ● Price: 1599 + tax for 2 people (on pre-booking) ● Area: CTC, Johar Town Lahore ● Phone number: 0300 8879222 ● or contact: https://web.facebook.com/ctcjohartown/

3. City Cafe and grill Lahore: When you are looking for something exquisite and compelling, visit City Cafe & Grill! You will find the desired Hi-Tea platter to satisfy your cravings with something twisty delicious, and mouth-watering. The Platter of City Cafe & grill is affordable and fulfilling with no compromise of taste and quality. There is no doubt that it will make your evening special. The hi-tea platter for two is filled with delicious snacks and savory desserts. The menu includes items like: Honey wings, Pizza Slices, Chicken sandwiches, grilled fish, Jalapeno Cheese potatoes & savory Desserts. The menu also includes three types of teas of your choice. ● Price of Hi-tea platter for 2: 795+ taxes ● Area: 13 CCA, Street 8, DHA, Phase 5, Lahore ● Phone number: 0347 7770317 ● Facebook: https://web.facebook.com/citycafelhr/

4. Monal, Lahore: Liberty, Lahore is heaven for so many things having food at the top of the list. Likewise, who does not know the name of Monal restaurants? Monal, Liberty, Lahore has made their mark in the city food market. It has excellent and spacious architecture. You will find one indoor hall, outdoor terraces, and children’s play areas. Monal has become one of the favorite family entertainment places. The architecture is a blend of country and contemporary architecture. Live kitchen and scrumptious food complete will get you mesmerized, and you will always want to visit it again and again. Monal lunch & Hi-tea menu is fully loaded with mouth-watering and tantalizing foods. Hi-tea in Monal, Lahore, will prove as a memorable evening of your life. The menu contains a variety of Pakistan, Thai, Chinese and continental dishes and snacks. There are around 40 items on the fulfilling menu. Monal is an enchanting place, yet prices are quite reasonable. ● Price for lunch Cum Hi-Tea buffet: 1345+ taxes ● Area: Liberty, Lahore ● Phone #: 042) 35789824 ● website: http://lahore.themonal.com/

5. Tea Delight Cafe: Tea Delight Cafe is a branch of Dubai-based Tea and Coffee place. If you are looking for one of the best high tea in Bahria Town, then Tea Delight Cafe can be your choice. The branch is making its name with delicious tea and delicious hi-tea in Lahore. The cafe architecture is a blend of artistic and contemporary style, and you will adore the atmosphere. The rates are quite affordable, and they also offer 20% to entrepreneurs, artists, writers, etc. ● Area: Bahria Town, Lahore ● Phone number: (042) 35342266

6. Tenerife Cafe, Gulberg: Grace and elegance are part of savory food lovers. Tenerife Cafe is famous as a singularly charming cafe for hi-tea in Gulberg, Lahore. The hi-tea platter is available all day without any restriction of a specific time. The Cafe offers a delectable and exciting variety of food items on the platter. There are dozens of articles to munch on. The menu is a blend of Pakistani and continental foods. You will get tired of eating, but the items will never end. The menu includes grilled fish, Panini’s, mini burgers, spicy chicken wings, Cordon bleu chicken, chicken stuffed potatoes – with a unique mouth-watering list of deserts. The deserts include scrumptious pastries, chocolate mousse/ Oreo mousse, mini bread pudding, and much more. Every item is tasty, and you will never forget the delicious taste. With lots of items single platter is a perfect choice for two people. Unlike many others, it is served on a table with your beverage choice (cappuccino, tea, or any soft drink). ● Price for Hi-tea platter for 2 persons: 1195 plus taxes ● Area: 11 Jail Road, Main Gulberg, Gulberg Galleria, Lahore ● Phone #: 0333 4426961 ● Facebook: https://web.facebook.com/TenerifeCafe/

7. Freddy Cafe: Freddy Cafe is one of the renowned multi-cuisines Cafe in Gulberg Lahore. The Cafe is famous for its multi-cuisine food, i.e., Continental and Traditional items. The Hi-tea buffet of the cafe is a must for everybody who loves the exquisite and savory food. There are 40+ items on the hi-tea menu: Afghani seekh kabab, fried fish, mini burgers, chapli kabab, chicken cheese bites, noodles, and assorted sandwiches, fruit chaat (seasonal), chicken fajita pizza, and more. While desserts are always mouth-watering and enough to satisfy your sweet tooth desires. There is an impressive collection of tarts, pies, brownies, pudding, and scrumptious ice cream. You will also be welcomed with optional drinks. ● Price per person: 1260 plus taxes ● Area: 2-C-11, MM Alam Road, Gulberg 3 Lahore ● Phone #: (042) 35754416 ● Facebook: https://web.facebook.com/FreddysCafeLahore

8. Marco Polo, Pearl Continental: Pearl Continental is a known 5-star Chain of hotels and Restaurants all over Pakistan. Marco Polo at PC has always been a comfortable place for hi-tea who is willing to spend a little extra when they travel all the way to PC. Considering it is a 5-Star restaurant, you will not be embarrassed for the food quality and taste in front of your family and friends. The food is prepared by some of the best chefs in the food and hospitality industry. The hi-tea menu is famous for its big menu that includes everything from salad, chats, and pizzas to wraps. You will enjoy a tummy-full delicious menu when you are willing to pay 1500 per head. ● Price of Hi-tea per person: 1350 plus taxes ● Area: Shahrah-e-Quaid-e-Azam, G.O.R. – I, Lahore ● Phone #: (042) 111 505 505 ● website: https://www.pchotels.com/pclahore

9. English Tea House: English Tea is among the Prominent Tea House in Lahore. It is a calming hi-tea spot that offers escape from noisy traffic and the hustle and bustle of a busy city. It is a must-try place for people who enjoy food and has not come here yet. So, if you live in Defense Housing Authority, DHA or nearby English Tea will become your favorite Hi tea, in Lahore. There is a variety of Hi-Tea menu, and if you choose Windsor English Hi-tea platter, you will be served with several items. The menu may include a steamy pot of tea or coffee (according to your choice) along with seasonal fruits, cheese, a slice of quiche, grilled fish, chicken skewers, pizza slices, mini pastries & chicken sandwiches. Overall the hi-tea platter menu is fulfilling, and you will savor each bite of every item. There is one thing for sure: a munch English Tea menu will make your evening fantastic and memorable. ● Price of Hi-tea platter for 2 persons: 1500 plus taxes ● Area: 24K Sir Syed Road, Block K Gulberg III, Lahore ● Phone #: (042) 35715535 ● Website: http://ethpakistan.pk/

10. Spice Bazar: Are you looking forward to munch on some Pakistani food at Hi-Tea time? Yes, and then visit Spice Bazar in Gulberg and DHA. Spice Bazar is a perfect place for those who want to indulge in tasty Desi foods for Hi-Tea in Lahore. The Place is affordable, and the menu includes a lot of Pakistani snacks and savory foods. The menu consists of; chaat, mouth-watering gol gappay, hot & fresh samosy, finger fish, pizza, chicken wings. The dessert bar has a range of cookies, pastries, kheer, pudding, and lots more to satisfy your sweet tooth. Spice Bazar is among the most popular hi-tea sports in the city. Furthermore, if you are looking for some venues with the best hi-tea prices in Lahore, then you should consider this place a try. ● Price per Head: 1195+ Tax ● Area: Gulberg, DHA, Lahore ● Phone #: 0311 1122103 ● Website: http://www.spicebazaar.pk/ Let’ wrap the delicious Journey: Lahore is heaven for foodies – and these restaurants are the tip of the iceberg. To learn more about exciting food places and information, keep visiting www.foodninja.pk

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